Looking back only a mere decade ago, could you imagine electric cars would be as easily attainable as they are today or smartphones would be using only 4G data and function as fast as your laptop on WiFi? More than likely, no. What the future has in store for us is always unclear but based on what is in the makings right now and how far we’ve come in recent years, we have some good guesses on what technology we can expect to see by only 2020.

Cars that Drive Themselves

From Google to pretty much every automaker out there, it has been a dream to create crash proof car that drives itself. Every year in America there are over 30,000 fatalities due to car crashes so it’s not surprising that every effort is being made right now to create a scenario where this isn’t possible. The safety that would be created by self-driving cars is undeniable, not to mention the ease of use there would be. The major hurtle here though is getting all these cars to communicate with one another through a wireless infrastructure. There is the technology available to make this happen but the real question here is whether or not it will be accomplished by 2020 or not.

Ultra-Thin OLED Screens

The probability of this being a reality by year 2020 is very high, especially compared to other advanced technology in the making. Display technology has been advancing incredibly quickly over the past decade to where we are currently at with LCD displays. By 2020 though, the new standard is expected to be paper-thin OLED surfaces, most complete with full touch capability. It is expected that many surfaces such as walls, mirrors and windows will all become computational.

Wound Healing Laser Pens

Although much of the world is now developed and an ambulance ride is only a quick call away, there are many situations you could find yourself in where you need immediate medical attention and it’s just not available. Think of the situation where you’re out rock climbing on the mountains and you have a serious slip which ends with you bleeding out on the side of a mountain. There may be a new laser pen available to the market in a few short years that allows you to seal you would up quick and easy to avoid mass blood loss.

Sunscreen Pill

Is sunscreen really that big of a nuisance to apply? Some think it is which is why a sunscreen pill is in the making that could not only protect your skin, but your eyes as well from harmful UV rays. Based on the way coral reefs protect themselves from the sun, scientists are developing a pill humans could take to mimic the same affects.

Controlling Technology with our Brains

Intel has predicted that by 2020, we will be controlling our devices such as smartphones and computers with our brain. This could be achieved by implanting microchips in our brains which will then give us the capability to channel surf or even type on your computer. Currently there is the technology to implant a chip into your brain and get it to respond to neural activity. This leaves high hopes for the future but as it sits right now, there is a huge question about whether or not we know enough about the human brain to make it control technology, especially by 2020.