Technology progresses rapidly on all fronts, and it has become an inseparable part of our lives. There are many people who have smartphones today – phones that can make pictures, or show you how to prepare a lunch and many different things. Will all the things that we have soon become smart?

The expansion of smartphones is not the only technological advance which gallops forward. There are, for example, artificial nails. Given that the data input is necessary almost everywhere, it is not unusual that someone’s nails attract our attention. And when they already attract attention, it is necessary to be beautiful. Thus, it is developed a new trend – making and decorating nails with acrylic gel.

Earlier, for the beautiful and long nails, it was necessary to let them grow enough, or to paste the artificial, plastic nails and watch out every move how your nails would not fall. Acrylic gel enabled to have beautiful, long nails that are firmly attached to your real nail, and which last longer. The quality of nails depends on the quality of the gel, good basis and the knowledge and skills of a nail technician. There are many allegations that these nails are not good for human health. This does not mean that this trend abating. It seems that artificial nails are something that will become an integral part of life in the future. However, there is no bright future without a good health. It is best, above all, to have healthy nails. Those who want to deal with decorating nails should know a lot about this. You do not need a medical school, because you focus only on the nails. All the necessary knowledge you can get on online courses. A good course and all about the work of the nail technician you will find on Nail Technician Schools.

Nail decoration is very important fashion detail today and ideas that can be seen are really fascinating and imaginative. Sometimes, fingernails are real small works of art, and for their making, you need a lot of skill. Acrylic gels are not always necessary to have nice painted nails. There are devices that can portray your natural nails and make more complex images than those made with gel. These devices allow you to select the image, and within 15 minutes, the image will be copied to your natural nails.

Painting nails using devices is not the farthest target that the technology could reach in this filed. There were invented smart nails. Yes, this is something that will be an ideal fashion accessories with smartphones. These nails have radio frequency identification tags, and they can be used for identifying on the entrances, where it is necessary to perform reading data from hands of fingertips.

This raises many questions and many ideas about all the things that microtechnology in combinations with nails can do. Maybe tomorrow we will be able to choose the movie we want to watch, or to pay for goods or services only by moving the nail. It will certainly require some additions to the natural nail. There are small chances that natural nails will back into fashion. It is more likely that we will add artificial intelligence to them.