The desire of man is ever lasting. Man will want more and more. More he gets more he wants. In order to peruse more he would get to all extent and try to win it all for himself or for someone he loves the most, with all his heart. In order to take on the world to get what it wants to achieve, clash between men are inevitable. Hence war is as much a part of our lives as is love and compassion.

War and conquest has been the ultimate tool for men for centuries now to showcase his power to his opponent and importantly to the world. Kings have wage battles just for the sake of showing their might to the others and history is witness to that. Show of strength is just another good sport for a few.

But the art of warfare has changed through the ages. Warier wars were fought on the battle front on the ground with arms hand in hand. The weapons then were simple as well as less harmful. Different types of bows and arrows were the most sophisticated weapons back then. One had to be well equipped as well as trained to go for a battle. Power of the muscle and the mind were required at the same time.

Not only that a good warrior had to be trained in dealing with arms, horse riding, archery, and war tactics as well. These seem quite a sport these days, but back then it was a great deal. Now one just needs to click on sites like  to get them a good deal on getting a good archery equipment to win some petty tournaments. But back then it was an art to find the right wood to crave out the perfect bow. It was literally a matter of life and death for them, not a child’s play.

But now wars have changed. Their entire definition has changed. And the way to fight them has changed as well. Wars have now become more centered towards brains. It’s a battle of wits and tactics these days. Secret agents and spies are the newest weapons now. Countries are planning to attack another country not by just walking through the borders and declaring a war or a battle with guns firing and grenades being hurdled. But now wars are fought more like chess, with great planning and scrutinizing and cross referring every step one is to take and more importantly by analyzing and finding out the next best step the opponent is going to take.

But this does not mean by any mean that blood is not shed in this kind of warfare’s. Today a single weapon can cause so much damage that the collective damages of the big wars of the ancient times will fall shy in front of them. A single weapon can destroy an entire city with a single blow.

Wars and battles have definitely changed from what is was in the past and have become more advanced and destructive today, but it can never be any better for anyone whatsoever.