It is enough to spend a day in nature and return to the big city to think that we have reached a peak when the air pollution is concerned. There are many things and inventions of modern times that contribute to environmental pollution, starting from disposable diapers for children to the big industries. Cars also have an important role in this process.

There are more and more cars, like we are unaware of the harmful effects of exhaust gases. The automotive industry is in a constant match for producing a better and more contemporary model that will be prestige. The old models are replaced by a new one, and there are landfills of unsold cars worldwide, that have not found their place in the market. It seems that people no longer know how to move without a car, even for the shortest route. Do you sometimes wonder where is the limit?

It is very easy to wave with your hand and to conclude that there are greater polluters of nature from you. You’re not the only one, and you should not change the world. But that world has many individuals like you. Therefore, in changing the world, you should start with yourself. There are many ways to save the environment. One of them is an alternative mode of transportation, like longboarding, that does not require the use of fuel. offers an excellent overview of boards, as well as tips on how to choose the right one, taking into account your skills and financial capacity. To begin with, it is enough to choose an ordinary board with which you can drive to your destination. You do not need the extras that will allow better acrobatic tricks.

Why is the longboarding good variety of transport?

There are several reasons that we can cite as advantages. One of them is a saving in the procurement of vehicles. One longboard is certainly cheaper than a car. There are not many parts that can break down – just one board and four wheels. Their replacement is relatively simple and inexpensive in relation to the replacement of expensive car parts. If your board needs new wheels, then look for the appropriate model here. Another argument in favor of cost savings is the fact that driving the longboard does not require money for fuel.

In addition to saving money, the longboard will spare your patience. Just imagine crowds at the crossroads that you can easily bypass! The most important advantage is definitely the preservation of the environment. Driving longboard will not contribute to the pollution of nature. Little dust or few drops of your sweat would not harm her. And that depends upon the speed of your driving.

True, longboard ride can be a bit tricky when it comes to driving uphill or bad weather. But you do not need to use this as an excuse to sit in the car and take a ride. This can be a good opportunity to take a walk sometimes.