Today we live in a global economy where countries and the people living in them are competing with other countries, businesses and workers all over the rest of the world for a slice of the pie. Treaties are made and broken, alliances created and annulled, trade agreements fostered and left to fester, and all along somebody’s trying to get rich. It’s a competitive world, much more than it ever used to be, and this can make just trying to keep a job a very stressful thing. One connection people in business seem to overlook constantly is the fact that money isn’t the only thing everyone understands.

All over the world, even if people can’t understand lyrics from foreign languages, they can understand music. Music is the universal language, the original one before everyone the world over became obsessed with building wealth off of everybody else. When you hear a sad song, even if it was written by someone on the other side of the Earth, you know it’s sad. You can feel it, in your heart. The same goes for exciting music, or violent music, or inspiring music. People can relate to songs, it’s been proven time and again by too many studies to list here. Just look it up yourself if you don’t believe it.

Music brings people together, too. For some it’s a cultural thing, using music to pass down tales and traditions from one generation to the next. For others it’s just about having a good time. The folks who like to go out and get drunk on a Friday night and then enjoy some karaoke with a bunch of friends (or strangers) are a good example of this. Even if they sound terrible while they’re doing it, some people just like to sing with others, and a good karaoke machine can help them to find that joy.

Music is also one of the only things that practically anyone can do. Even those with no talent can still knock a couple of sticks together, or work a drum and create a baseline for other, more talented musicians to work off of when they play. Not that all drummers are terrible making music – there are some really great ones out there. The point is, music is universal, not just in that anyone can hear it and feel what’s being relayed, but also because anyone can into it if they want.

Speaking of karaoke machines, if that sounds like something you’d enjoy owning and playing with, why not comment about it? The best way to prove the words written here and give them weight is to just let people admit they enjoy music, whether listening to it, making it or just reciting it. You could check out Karaoke Isle if you’re interested in picking up a machine. The site is good as far as the reviews and information it contains, so it makes a nice kind of guide for people to read through before they go ahead and actually buy anything.