The Art of SpiritualityWhat is the meaning of Spirituality? Does it have something to do with religion? Or does it have nothing to do with a belief in a god, or a higher being? Do we as humans have to find a meaning in life? All these questions do answer one thing, and that is Spirituality seems to be an intangible. Atheists might have it right. There is much in the world to give you a feeling of comfort, or belief and awe.

I recently returned from a holiday where the force and beauty of nature abounded everywhere. I never once said, “Oh, isn’t God great that he created all this for us to enjoy.” Not once. I did, however, feel touched by what I saw and felt a oneness with the view.  A rainbow. A fantastic view. An awesome adventure. A close escape. Loving and being loved. Procreation. All of these events make one think about life.

Does life HAVE to have a meaning? For some people, I suppose it does but realists and perhaps atheists understand that our presence on the planet has been very short and there is nothing to suggest that we may not go the same way as the dinosaurs. We are just another life form on a planet that sustains many different species. Any cataclysmic event, such as an asteroid hitting Earth, can wipe the human race out in quick time. Mind you, the human race seems to be doing a pretty good job of creating such an event themselves. No interstellar help need, but thanks anyway!

Take this spirituality thing down a step or two. Nature is nearly always beautiful. We should come down to man made inspiration.  Look at art. An artist might say they were inspired to do a particular painting. A sculptor produces a beautiful statue. Inspiration came from somewhere. Craftsmen working in wood, stone and any other material, can create unusual and intriguing works of art. Art from 5 to 6 hundred years ago seems to be difficult to reproduce in the modern age, even though we have far superior tools and machinery.

I know a guy who tries to turn wood on a lathe to create the same beautiful shapes on antique furniture legs and he admits, it takes him an age to get the design right. When he does, I can see the gleam of pride in his eyes as he shows me the art he has been inspired to produce. If you look at the work of Michaelangelo and his work on the Sistine Chapel for example and many other murals, there is no doubt that his inspiration came from his belief in God. Or did it? Maybe he was just a great artist who produced such work to please his masters. Whatever your passion, whatever your beliefs and whatever your inspiration, you would have to agree that there are many things in this world to which you can attach your spirituality.