If you have a problem with the expression of a mood in specific situations, and you fight with alternating bouts of depression and mania for years, it is possible that you have a bipolar disorder. Also, there is a possibility that doctors did not diagnose this. To get this diagnosis takes years of observation and fighting with fluctuations in mood. Since they occur more frequently, it is considered that depression and bipolar disorder are illnesses of the future.

What causes bipolar disorder? It is not known exactly. The assumptions go from hereditary factors, over trauma and stress, to toxins surrounding us in all forms. And that’s what makes treatment more difficult.

Treatment of bipolar disorder is complex and involves the use of various medications for controlling the mood and psychotherapy. Physical activity is almost a universal cure for all ills. This is not uncommon. This is logical, keeping in mind that the activity developed us in today’s people. Therefore, it is considered that physical activity will not hurt even when the bipolar disorder is in question. On the contrary, it may be useful.

Physical activity helps regulate body weight. It is not uncommon for people with bipolar disorder to have a problem with weight, whether because treatment of a bad mood with bad food, or because obesity is a consequence of taking certain medications. Physical activity can help in the fight against the excess weight. When you have problems with mood, maybe go into the gym is not something that you enjoy. So it’s good to have a gym at home. On the website http://garagegympro.com/, you can find everything you need to equip your home gym.

Good self-esteem is an excellent shield in depressive moments. Regular physical activity will certainly affect shaping the body and the good looks. Loving yourself and your image in the mirror is a good step out of the bad mood. In addition, exercise increases the level of endorphin, hormones that are responsible for the good mood.

Most important of all is that exercise does not become a burden, but a daily pleasure. Therefore, it is essential to deal with the kind of activity you love. Run if you love to run, go to aerobics or lift weights in your home. If you want to practice regularly, free up space in your garage, obtain the proper power racks and launch a good mood.

Before you start exercising it is important to change other habits and include in the lifestyle proper diet, regular sleep and reduce stress levels to a minimum. Also, it is important to consult your doctor before beginning exercise. Certain drugs, for example, lithium, require special care. Inadequate hydration during exercise may lead to increased concentrations of this drug in the blood, and thus to lithium toxicity.

Changing habits generally requires scheduling. It is the best to include regular exercising in one of them. A predictable day with previously known commitments reduces stress. And if you include in the schedule what you love, then you have a better chance for a good mood. Of course, it is not all that simple, but this is just one of the ways that are worth trying when the treatment of bipolar disorder is in question. If you choose a physical activity that suits you, it will not hurt you.