To be honest, the future of food might already be upon us right now, today, in the present. Although it isn’t allowed in most of the world, genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are used extensively for the production of food in the United States and a handful of other countries. Produce is actually genetically modified to make more food, or to grow faster, or to enhance the nutrition content of the same food taking the same amount of time to grow:

Scientists are playing Frankenstein with fruits and vegetables, but what about all of the other food there is to eat?

Meat certainly isn’t safe. Growth hormones are regularly fed into cattle in much of the developed world to make them grow bigger, bulkier and beefier. Take a look at the aftermarket too, once the beef has been butchered and converted into food items. Specifically, let’s look at beef hot dogs, which tend to be much more expensive than traditional chicken / pork / turkey hot dogs, yet contain much of the same trash. It’s food literally loaded with fillers, like oatmeal or grain bran, as well as up to 80% of the hot dog content being straight up fat. How do you combat something like this?

Well, you probably aren’t going to be making your own hot dogs. That’s a lengthy process that produces an inferior product, which is why dog producers tend to use low quality or unwanted meat in their production. As far as actual sausage goes though, you can take more control over what you consume. By grinding up your own meat you can make sure you actually know what you’re eating, rather than playing a guessing game every time you head to your local supermarket. Electric meat grinders will even do all the work for you, save for the cleaning up afterwards.

Skyrocketing ground beef prices are also making grinding meat at home a more appealing option to consumers all over the world. When the economy gets to the point where some good 90/10 ground beef can cost as much as a decent steak on a pound for pound basis, you start to wonder why people don’t just buy the steak and grind up their own meat when they’re aching for a burger. No, really, it makes people wonder, which is why more consumers are doing their own grinding and doing away with the minced meats they used to buy from their grocer.

You could read all about grinders here if the topic really interests you, but that’s not the point. The point is, the food of today isn’t like the food of the past. This global economy has produce, meats and cheeses crossing the globe to be sold thousands of miles away from where it was produced. This can make it difficult or even impossible to source your food and find out where it’s coming from. By taking a more serious position on your food purchasing, cooking and eating, you can rein in your consumption of low quality or genetically modified produce and meats.