lamb-292512_1280Man is not known for being kind to the living beings that share its environment. There was a time when he killed only to survive and to provide himself with the means necessary for survival, but that has changed a long time ago. With the rise of capitalism and the advancement of technology came a wide array of techniques and procedures that have made the lives of animals miserable.

We have all heard terrible stories about factory farming, one more horrifying than the other. And although things have not changed significantly, there have been some improvements in the way we choose to treat animals. Here we are going to discuss only a couple of them, but even this should give you a general idea of the direction in which we are heading.

Automatic milking

When it comes to technology, 1990’s are ancient history, but as soon as you jump to the subject of animal treatment, they suddenly become a period of the latest improvements. Automatic milking is one of the techniques that were developed in the second part of that decade, and are being increasingly used by both factories and individual farmers. Some of the main benefits of this technique are closely connected to cost-efficiency. Milking machines make the factories less dependent on manual labour, and thus reduce the cost of the process of milk production. But that is not all there is to it.

Apart from being beneficial for the businesses, automatic milking is good for the cows as well. Among the main benefits you can find listed the fact that by creating more regular and precise milking routines, the whole process is much easier on the cows.

Canister filters

Among the latest inventions you will also find the canister filters. They are the devices that allow you to maintain proper environment for fish, and are largely used by fish enthusiasts. As explained on CANISTERFILTERGUIDE, they channel the water out of the aquarium and through a filter that removes all impurities that have accumulated over time.

You might wonder why this is so important, but you only need to remember how many aqua parks there are, and how many people keep fish as pets. Successfully maintaining the conditions similar to those of their natural environments has a tremendously positive effect on those animals. And since nowadays the only thing that needs to be done to achieve that is to buy a filter like this one, the fish are in a much better position.

Organizations for the improvement of animal treatment

Of course, there isn’t a device that could truly help animals if people weren’t willing to change their ways. And they are changing. There are more and more organizations whose top priorities are animal rights. PETA is only one among hundreds, and knowing their slogan is enough to realize what they are trying to do – they are trying to make people stop using animals as a form of entertainment, as subjects in testing of drugs and cosmetic products, and as sources of materials in clothing industry.