jet-engine-371412_1280Flying cars are one of the most common ways in which the vehicles are represented in the science – fiction films. A flying form of transport can have its advantages and disadvantages. Currently, we are far away from any actual implementation of flying transportation, but that does not mean that it has any future. This way of driving would perhaps arouse confusion among ordinary drivers, but it would certainly be useful when it comes to emergency vehicles.

Therefore, an Israeli scientist made the Urban Aero – a flying emergency vehicle. The primary purpose of such a vehicle was the military. It was later established that it can be used for an emergency purpose for civilian use. Of course, if it has an adequate equipment. However, this idea still needs to be developed.

The goal that should be achieved when emergency vehicles are in question, is increasing their efficiency on the road. One way to arrive quickly  at the scene of the accident is that the vehicle is clearly visible. Sirens themselves are not effective because, in the noisy surroundings, they are not intense enough. They should definitely be accompanied by a bright light that will draw the attention of other drivers, during day and night. The best options, in this case, are the LED bar lights, such as those that can be found on the Light bar report.

LED lights are the best choice for many reasons. One of them is good lighting they provide. The second is their easy installation and energy efficiency. Such lights can be powered by a lighter adapter. They can be easily installed to various parts of cars, inside and outside. They are very durable and long-lasting. I am sure that they will find an application on futuristic emergency cars. Energy saving on emergency cars of the future should also be applied to the fuel. It should also be taken into account emissions of hazardous gasses that these vehicles emit if we really talk about the future.

fire-fighters-1002282_1280When the fire trucks are in question, things are increasingly made towards their improvement. They are complex machines that operate a complex job. Improvements include that have the equipment to provide a medical aid, and not just fire-extinguishing equipment. Besides more flexible hoses, larger tanks for foam and water, managing with them gets a new dimension.

Electronics and its increasing use enter the scene here. It makes managing  with fire truck parts easier and enables easy tracking which parts are in the function – all in one place. Most of the pumps will be driven by power take-off technology that will make them easier for maintaining and that will free a lot of space in the fire truck that can be used for other purposes.

Emergency vehicles of the future will be a blend of good design, energy efficiency, and multifunctionality. This increases the efficiency of these vehicles, and thus the chances for timely providing various forms of aid!