Do you find any movies that might inspire you? A splendid film will release some different emotions inside you. It might have you laughing, crying, angry, upset or any one of a whole range of different feelings. Mind you, there are movies like the Star Wars and the Star Trek films that make you wish you were going to be around when the human race is doing that sort of thing in space, the galaxies, the universe. Oh yeah!

Just recently I watched the latest instalment of the Rocky movie called Creed. While I am not a great fan of boxing, I do admit to watching it live when I was a bit younger and you just can’t help yourself getting a bit over-excited when you can sense a knockout. What is it about us guys that something like that can get the blood boiling? It must be some dark, lost emotion from the genes of our early ancestors, surely. Hmmm, maybe not. We still love to shoot and hunt and fight at times.

I have watched all the Rocky Balboa films and they all end up pretty much the same. In this last one, I was surprised at how articulate Stallone was. He usually grunts his way through every movie but there’s always a lot of action. I didn’t get inspired, but I did enjoy the movie. Actually, I did get a little motivated. Enough to think about setting up a punching bag in the garage to use as a way to get fit and put some power back into my arms. There’s nothing like a sedentary life to get you into a state of unfitness (is there such a word?) so that a walk to the shop leaves you breathless.

I have a couple of friends who swear that boxing training is the way to go when trying to get to a level of fitness that will help breathing and firm up your muscles. Having watched that young Creed train, I can imagine that level of activity would kill me before it cured me. Anyway, the interest was scratched enough for me to look up some punching bags on the internet. See what styles they had and what prices. Some you can hang up, some lay on the ground and others are shaped like a figure begging to be punched! The beauty of a punching bag is that the darn thing can’t hit you back.

Here I am now, still no punching bag and still sitting around drinking wine and eating cheese and a host of other foods that are probably bad for me. I wish for a miracle so that my six pack returns to my stomach and my muscles firm up with sheer willpower. One good thing about this procrastination. The longer I sit here doing nothing about it, the less my motivation is, and that’s a good thing, isn’t it! Pass me another glass of wine, please. Thanks!