If there’s one thing that will stay true till forever, it’s the fact that humans will continually strive to look more beautiful. Throughout the history of civilization, cosmetics have played an integral part of the society. From primitive forms of makeup such as copper and lead ore, cosmetics have undoubtedly come a long way.

Today, the beauty and personal care industry rakes in billions of dollars every year. And much like other industries, newer and more sophisticated technologies, such as microdermabrasion (as reviewed at the site CamilasBeauty.com), are being rolled out to the market each year. Developments in science and technology have given birth to scientifically advanced products that cater to almost all the beauty needs of both women and men.

Let’s take a look at the trends in the cosmetics industry and what the future will likely be.

Multi-purpose beauty products

For years, professional makeup artists have developed and mastered techniques that allow them to use ordinary beauty products for multiple tasks. In response to these needs, industry leaders have started developing multi-purpose cosmetics products that specifically imitate these techniques.

Foundations were originally designed for smooth complexions. But nowadays, there are similar products that are composed of unique ingredients and are targeted for different skin needs. Further, there are multipurpose stains that come with neutral color and creamy consistency, and can be used for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. There are also shades that offer gold sparkle or a little shimmer for the eyebrow bones, cleavage or shoulders. For shaving, you can find newer technologies that do not only remove body hair but also contours the particular body part. You can check out this site for ideal razors for women.

Although the trend of multi-purpose products is here to stay, this category can expect increasing segmentation in the future. For women

Natural Beauty Products

With the ever-growing green lifestyle movement and the increased awareness of consumers, non-toxic and organic beauty products will likely dominate the future of cosmetics industry. While we have come a long way eradicating harmful ingredients from beauty-enhancing products, there are still toxic elements that can be traced in our makeup kits. Natural or organic makeup contains pure healthy ingredients and is free of any synthetic constituents.

Non-toxic makeup lines are now available in the market. Mineral makeup lines, which contain the minerals titanium dioxide, lapis lazuli, and zinc (all naturally occurring ingredients), have slowly gained a following. This organic makeup line does not contain oils or fragrances, and is even said to benefit the skin unlike mainstream synthetic makeup.

Moreover, as the consumers become more aware of the dangers of toxic ingredients, the clamor for environmentally friendly and safe beauty and personal care products is expected to continue for the coming years.

Beauty Products for Men

At the turn of the 20th century, cosmetic products have been stereotyped as feminine. As such, men detest wearing makeup or any other beauty enhancing product lest they be labeled effeminate. But over the recent years, the society has seemed to be more open to the prospect of men using makeup to look good. Men who are meticulous about how they looked were once labeled “metrosexual”.

Beauty products for men are aimed to hide facial flaws, enhance complexion, and keep men looking fresh. Products that are gaining popularity among men ranged from concealers to foundation to powder-based eyeliners. It is exciting to see how the other half of the population will embrace this trend and what new developments will come of it.

The future of cosmetics industry is alive and bright. Our love for beauty and deep desire to be beautiful will propel industry influencers to think out of the box. It’s exciting what to see in the future.