We cannot count on instant gratification to live a meaningful lifeI’d like to follow through on several points made in recent posts. They are relevant and linked to what I have in mind today. Let me recap. Firstly, the advancement of technologies has seen to many of us having not only to adapt to new ways of doing things, but to adapt very quickly. The fast pace of technological development is also perceived to be satisfying a growing demand from consumers to receive instant gratification for things which previously required a little patient waiting. In line with the rapid pace of technology is the development of new medicines which cure people of previously incurable diseases, preventing them from being inherited or at least controlling them.

Do things leisurely and take your time

Because of these miracle drugs, people are now also able to live a lot longer, whether healthily or not. Finally, I for one cannot see myself living a long life if I am not healthy in body and mind. I cannot see myself living beyond ninety if I am not spiritually connected. Part of my affirmation has already been addressed. Another earlier post suggested sports that we could take part in for both recreational and health reasons.

One sport not mentioned in that post was open-road motorcycling. Provided you take the advice given by Motorcyclist Life, you can place yourself in pole position to enjoy a long-lasting and healthy hobby well into your golden years. Not nearly as taxing as some of the other recreational activities mentioned, this endeavor is ideally suited for both longevity and esthetics. You can visit places you’ve never explored before, all at leisure and at your own pace.

Staying connected and sustainable

I’ve been emphasizing for some time that my focus is also on geo-political events that are shaping our world for tomorrow. What I like about the opportunity that long-distance motorcycling offers is that I can spend more time out in the country and be far from the chaos of urban life. But, thanks to technology and my mind remaining persistently curious, I never need to be kept out of the loop. While motoring quiet country roads at a reasonable speed limit, I can optimize the use of my recommended full-faced Bluetooth helmet to stay up to date with my favorite news channels.

I’m also up to date with green technologies and believe that our future must be green in order for us to sustain life as we know it and make it better for all. Most urban roads remain congested in spite of legislation to encourage reduced use of the roads and the warnings on pollution. It may not be the perfect solution, but a motor bike, smaller and using less fuel does help.

Finally, the use of modern technology is unavoidable these days, but I’d like to encourage you to use the tools that you have purposely and not merely as yet another outlet for instant gratification which only lasts a few minutes anyway. Rather, focus on all those other areas that’s good for you in order to have a meaningful life.